What is the most bizarre story you’ve found yourself telling?

Of life experience that you also use in your marketing work? Is your style the same as Stefano Accorsi in the film The Referee? Let’s say that 25 years of arbitrage, albeit not at the highest levels, have helped me become a more responsible professional and a more effective decision maker. After all this time I have no problem making a decision as quickly as possible, but over time I have learned to take my time . For sure, to always take responsibility for my choices. When was the passion for writing born? How and when did you decide to make.

Writing your profession?

I think it was an unconscious choice that I made as a child, when I wrote essays on Italian or when I kept notebooks with the reports of matches I imagined. It takes a strong propensity for imagination to get to do this job. And at the same time Ireland Business Fax List a great love for advertising. The old Nike commercials made me fall in love with a certain writing, but Cacao Meravigliao also played a decisive role: a broadcast that was based on an invented sponsor. This is the most bizarre and funniest story ever. Unfortunately, I didn’t tell it.  to Cristiano Carriero I recently listened to an interview with a well-known Italian marketing personality.

A cross-section of contemporary communication according

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He said that people no longer have the time and desire to listen. Instead, they want to have their say as if it were an irrepressible impulse. Is ours a society that prefers action to reflection? Can you tell why? I don’t think people don’t want to listen, but NG Number it is clear that everyone wants to have their say , even if I notice that we are taking a small step backwards. Today, to have your say and also to be listened to, you need to have the ability, let’s say as a creator, otherwise you end up speaking alone or among similar people. And while that suited boomers , in today’s post social media era, it’s a bit out of style. It takes a great attitude to be listened to, the risk is to speak for yourself and talk about it. Then maybe we should start talking less.

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