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And better. Technological development runs faster and faster. For some we are already in the Fifth Industrial Revolution. We have learned to live with the diffusion of short-form, fast-consuming video content.  more space in the world of communication. Are we choosing to delegate to machines what we want to hear, watch and – somehow – learn? Is a sort of vortex emerging for which in a few years it will be impossible to know whether a creation is of Sapiens or Robot origin ? I still see that date far away.

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I wrote a newsletter about it – it’s called L’ho fatto a Posta [ here is the link for registration ed] – and it really talks about the incapacity of machines Italy Business Fax List to be ironic, to make connections, quotes, come up with personal anecdotes, in a word tell stories. Surely AI will be an excellent content marketing tool, I doubt it will be a storytelling tool too. : Content Marketing for companies explained by a carpet merchant The future of storytelling Does today’s world still offer ideas for telling stories that are worth listening to? Mamma mia, I think so! It’s still the best of all possible worlds. Thanks I thank Cristiano Carriero for sharing his vision of storytelling with me and the readers of Facile Web  the accessibility threshold for greater exploitation of different technologies related to communication.

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That’s why it still makes sense to hire or pay for the services offered by a human professional. Spoiler: for a coffee made by robots, there’s still a wait. Author  NG Number Luca Bastianelli Updated December 30, 2022 Category: Digital Marketing , SEO Readers: 308  Prompto in chests: “make me Schema by extracting entities” No chatbot friend, you screwed up the subject of the article! But how many Carlo Emanuele are there? The problem of disambiguation In the end, always have to ask Google Skynet can wait (at least for a little longer) Premise 1 : The highlighted image was created using the DALL-E 2 generative algorithm , which has been trendy on social media for a few months.

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