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In addition, the terms of entering into such agreements change depending on the number of employees. Thus, a distinction is made between companies with less than 11 employees, those with between 11 and 50 employees and those with more than 50 employees.

Once concluded and signed by both parties, they apply within the company concerned. They are valid for four years, unless otherwise stated.

Note : it is important not to confuse the company agreement and the branch agreement .

What do company agreements contain?

Company agreements essentially concern  social guarantees  for employees as well as  working conditions  within their company. More India Business Fax List specifically, during  NAO s , certain themes must be addressed, such as the quality of life at work and professional equality.

Moreover, to be valid, a company agreement must respect several principles. In particular, it must cover mandatory topics such as salaries, mutual insurance or even GPEC. It must also follow specific negotiation methods and application conditions.

Finally, it must adopt a specific form imposed by the  Labor law . For example, the text must include a timetable for future negotiations or follow-up clauses.

What are the conditions of validity of a company agreement?

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The negotiation of a company agreement must comply with a set of rules. Depending on the situation, the persons authorized to negotiate, on the side of the employees, differ.

Thus, in companies with  more than 50 employees  with union delegates, it is the latter who take care of the negotiations.

In companies with  less than 50 employees , an NG Number employee representative elected, but not mandated by the unions, can take charge of the negotiations. They are then called “derogatory negotiations”.

Finally, in companies with  less than 20 employees , a staff representative who is not elected and not mandated by the unions can take charge of the negotiations. These are also called “derogatory”.

On the management side, it is always the employer who is responsible for negotiations.

Finally, to be valid, the agreement must be  ratified  by the trade unions with a certain percentage of the vote in the first round of the last elections to date. If this is not the case, then a  referendum  can be organized within the company.

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