Then everyone uses the most appropriate means, the ones best suited to achieve the goal.  : from voice to photography, passing through videos. Everyone must find the meeting point between their own voice and that of their audience. You may be interested in reading: Freelance copywriter: how it helps you communicate your brand Storytelling and decision makers: who has the task of telling their story according to Cristiano Carriero Don’t you think that a company, when it decides to do storytelling, should choose to strip itself of those mental constructs that make it aseptic (too often the same as a thousand other companies.

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Who, within ownership or management, is responsible for this thankless task? I don’t see this as a thankless task , surely there are decision France Business Fax List makers in every company, and they need to figure out how best to balance facts with stories. There are executives – just think of the largest Italian and international companies, or politics –  who prefer stories instead. Let’s take Marchionne , for example: he often communicated through stories that entered the imagination (you will remember the one about the “holidays from what”) but then he settled on numbers and they were numbers that almost always told the truth. Some of the titles written by Cristiano Carriero.

And go in search of its true essence?

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The ingredients of effective storytelling Structure, mindset, style, models, content. What are the ingredients of perfect storytelling? The ones you named are correct, I would add goals . Where do we want to go? What kind of reaction do we want our NG Number audience to have, how should they behave? This is certainly the most important element. Storyteller or entrepreneur? How does Cristiano Carriero define himself? You define yourself as a copywriter, storyteller, brand journalist , blogger. Is it a continuous search for identity or is it just a refined way of wearing a different hat under the same head? Luckily I stopped looking for my identity for some time.

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