The last one is called December 24th. His newsletter (I don’t miss one ) is I did it at Posta – I suggest you subscribe. Interview-with-Cristiano-Carriero-storyteller-Digital-PR-and-Entrepreneur-smiling-photo-Easy-Web-Marketing-SEO-copywriter-and-digital-marketing The interview with Cristiano Carriero, storyteller and entrepreneur What is Storytelling and how it develops: the definition of Cristiano Carriero Let’s get right into it: storytelling.  it was an unchallenged trending topic.

I remember that a few years ago

A bit like black that looks good on everything. “In this post I did a little more storytelling, what do I leave?”. Then how did it end?  Beyond the Dubai Business Fax List trend topics , storytelling is not a trend, but a mindset to be acquired . It turned out that those who treated it as a trend of the moment failed in any way to make it grow, to use it as a business lever, vice versa those who understood its importance used it to make their communication memorable. Storytelling is not a supernova that explodes at any moment. Rather it is a snowball : it rolls slowly and gets bigger and bigger. Storytelling for SMEs: what Cristiano Carriero thinks For a moment.

I put on the shoes of the Italian

Fax List

SME and ask myself: is corporate storytelling something that all companies can afford? For example, I am convinced that I am not made to wear a classic tailored suit casually. Absolutely, it is within everyone’s reach and for all businesses. Objectives, budgets, medium-long term vision change, but the idea of ​​communicating through stories , of NG Number touching not only rational chords, must be common. But I don’t like doing just one thing, over time I’ve done many. I saw a nice TedX where multipotential was mentioned, I recognize myself a lot. Indeed, I add entrepreneur – which at the moment is the most difficult thing I do – digital PR, speaker, trainer, author of novels. Perhaps the real secret is the multidisciplinarity. Cristiano Carriero soccer referee “Your business” moment. Are you still a soccer referee? Has refereeing given you pages.

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