The same thing goes for those websites that sell Christmas or exclusively summer products. These sites have traffic spikes in certain months and a dramatic drop in visits in others. How to understand if your website is losing traffic due to seasonality? First of all, check Google Analytics and traffic data for the same period in previous years. Try to “play” with the traffic tracking time range. Compare month-by-month, year-by-year even on specific URLs. Another cause of the loss of page positioning on the search engine SERPs is the optimization of competitor content .

The competition has started spying

We find it hard to admit it, but it can happen: on us, understood which pages of our website work best for traffic and decided to beat us in the Google Brazil Business Fax List ranking.  the published content. If your competitor did better than you, they probably deserve to be above you in the SERPs. What’s the solution? Update the page that has been outdated by trying to enrich it with even more valuable content, insert authoritative links (internal and external), get linked from relevant and pertinent domains and trying to draw the crawler’s attention to that specific URL to understand that you have refreshed, optimized and increased its content. Drop in web visits? Maybe your page is too slow.

When adding new elements to your pages

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This happens quite often after you update your site or publish a new design . ou need to make sure they are optimized. Photos , videos , and other items with large file sizes can make your page load slower. And users hate pages that take too long to NG Number load (not to mention Google!). No one is willing to wait for a page to load to read its content. Users want information quickly and instantly. If your pages load too slowly, you will lose traffic. To fix this, you need to check your page speed . website is losing traffic google pagespeed insights Easy Web Marketing Nicola Onida SEO copywriter This will help you understand what elements are affecting your page and how you can fix them. To check the loading speed of a webpage, you can use Google PageSpeed ​​Insights.

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