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List is already long) and most recurring are. Google algorithm updates. Traffic tracking errors Incorrect handling of the rules of the Robots.txt file Poor handling of redirects Crawler crawl errors. Natural losses in SERPs Massive changes to the XML sitemap. Google Penalties De-indexing certain URLs Keyword cannibalization Changes to the layout of the. Google SERP Let’s see some of these (it would be too long to cover them all in the article). website is losing traffic. Consulting-SEO-mechanical-Easy-Web-Marketing Google algorithm updates.

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The most common cause of a sudden drop in website traffic is. A recent algorithm update released by the search engine. Google releases updates Austria Business Fax List more and more. Throughout the year. Some more significant, some less. Unfortunately, trying to get concrete details about rule changes is a lot harder than looking for a needle in a haystack. Virtually impossible. However, an easy way to assess whether your site may have been affected by an algorithm update is to. Keep an eye out for changes declared by Google itself. On the other hand, a far easier way to get insight into algorithm changes is to use SEO management tools like Mozcast, by SEMrush sensor, or SEO Zoom alert.

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When you find out that there has indeed been. A recent update,  some time analyzing the web pages that have been affected the most. And the page NG Number content (both from a technical and a purely informative point of view). Incorrect robots.txt file rules Well yes. You need to consider the possibility. That your website is losing traffic because it is blocking search engines from accessing the robots.txt file . .txt files unchanged after migrating from a development or staging website. Most of the time, when this happens it is completely accidental. Those who follow the works are taken.

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