Shareholders and Subsidiaries

The links between shareholders and subsidiaries are called capital links. These links correspond to information relating to the link which is established by the capital between two companies. This therefore includes the shareholders concerned, the direct subsidiaries and the indirect subsidiaries. 

Capital links, what are they?


Capital ties refer to information relating to subsidiaries and parent companies. The fact of consulting their capital links gives an indication of the composition of the capital of a subsidiary, of its shareholders and possibly of a cascading subsidiary if the subsidiary itself has subsidiaries.

Studies on the capital links of companies also make it possible to know, for each entity, its shareholding, its participations and its legal organization chart. We can thus better identify who holds the power and what are the areas of influence of each company.

capital of another, the latter is considered a subsidiary. In other words, a “parent” company owns at least 50% of the capital of a subsidiary company. This is why subsidiaries are sometimes called the “daughters” of a company.

According to French law, a subsidiary is a legal person in its own right. It is therefore an autonomous and independent company from a legal point of view.

How to know the capital links of a company?

Capital ties are part of the information that appears in the statutes of companies. Thus, this information is public. It is possible for everyone to Switzerland Business Fax List have access to it. Many Internet sites, specialized in the collection of information of the companies thus propose the purchase of information relating to the capitalistic links.

Through this, it is therefore possible to obtain the following information:

  • The shareholders (if they are companies or individuals, their SIREN number, etc.);
  • Direct holdings;
  • Indirect holdings.

Knowing this information, particularly about competing companies, makes it possible to monitor their shareholding and detect any development opportunities.

How do I know the information relating to a subsidiary?

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To find out about the subsidiary of a company, you must carry out research on the latter directly.

Indeed, the subsidiary being a legal entity NG Number in its own right, independent and autonomous vis-à-vis the parent company, these are two different companies.

Thus, to know the information relating to a subsidiary, it is possible to obtain its statutes, and to download via websites specialized in company data a report on its capital links (its shareholders, its possible shares in d other compa.


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